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What’s your favorite make of 2017? Why?

My favorite would have to be my blue and white Ashley Nell Tipton pencil skirt from her Simplicity 8345 Pattern. I’ve gotten the most wear out of it and it has became an office attire staple. I also made a cat version, which I wore to the Happy Cat Cafe.

What did you attempt in 2017 that you won’t be doing next year? Why not?

I attempted to hem a shirt in 20 minutes. It did not go well. The hem is uneven, bubbly, and crooked.

What are you going to continue doing?

I am going to continue to support indie designers. My favorite patterns that I’ve purchased (but have yet to make) have been PDFs from makers like DIBY, Bella Sunshine Designs, and Love Notions.

What are you going to try next year?

I am going to try my hand at making a cocktail dress! I have a few patterns I am mulling over which will be shared in the future.

Where do you see your handmade wardrobe by the end of next year? What about in 5 years?

I would like my wardrobe to be at least 10% me-made this year. In five years, it’d be amazing to be have it be closer to 75%!


Top 5 True Crime Podcasts You Need to Download Now

True crime podcasts are all the rage right now, and I am totally on board. I’ve always been interested in the genre, and have done some sleuthing in my own life in regards to area events. When I was in college, there was a 24-hour serial murder rampage in which an unstable man murdered his ex-wife, child, and various family members before taking a family hostage and ending his life. It’s one of the most major events to happen in Grand Rapids, and at one point, he was within a mile of our neighborhood, causing us to hole up, armed in our basement, as he had already carjacked and assaulted members of the public.

Anywho. Enter interest in true crime podcasts. I’ve curated my top five podcasts to listen to if you are a fellow weirdo.

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