Best Back to School Finds for Your Sewing Room

Back to school season has always been my favorite time of year. Full of transitions, fresh starts, and brand new notebooks waiting to be filled with meticulously written notes. Whilst I am no longer a student, it’s not stopping me from shopping the aisles for school supplies I can use in my sewing room! Here are some of my top picks for items to pick up as the Back to School season gets into full swing!

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Pattern Review: Simplicity 8051

hen my sister and I bought tickets to see the Trixie Mattel “Now With Moving Parts” show, we both thought it would be a fun idea to make a dress for her to wear. And by we, I mean I did all the work and had to buy everything.

Because she’s a child, with no income or sense of follow through.

We went fabric shopping a few weeks before the show and got a gorgeous white and pink lace to make a 60s vibe shift dress, and then about two weeks before the show Baby Sister changed her mind and wanted a 50s dress with a full circle skirt.

Like I said, follow through 🙂

We went to Hobby Lobby to peruse their 99 cent Simplicity sale, and wound up finding a ton of vintage patterns she liked. We ended up going with 8051, a rockabilly style dress.

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The Cloth Pad Survey Results

Hello All! I thought I would share the results of a recent survey I did in my facebook group for my business, The Wittle Whale, where I sell handmade ecofriendly reusable and baby items like bibs, cloth wipes, and cloth pads.

I’ve been an avid user and promoter of this reusable menstrual item for the past three years, and have had fun making these items for the past two years. I have a facebook group for my customers, and I hosted a survey and giveaway for them so I could pick their brains on our product offerings. I thought I would share the results in case anyone was curious.

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Jaku + My Failure to Blog it

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging lull this month. I have been so busy with work, Etsy, and being sick that I’ve had to put publishing on the back burner. One post this past month that never made it up was about my visit to Jaku, a new-ish restaurant on GR’s north east side. Allie and I went in January and I took two pictures, which didn’t even include the amazing sashimi and sushi we enjoyed.


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